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Justin Matthews


About Justin Matthews

A figure of distinction in charter public school administration, Justin Matthews hails from Columbus, OH, and resides in Palm Harbor, FL. Born in Ohio, his journey led him from the Midwest to the vibrant culture of Florida. His educational background and relentless dedication have seen him rise to become the Chief Operating Officer of Public Charter Schools, a role filled with immense responsibility and prestige.

After obtaining a master’s in Educational Leadership from the University of Florida, he emerged as a pillar of expertise and innovation in public education. His career began in the classroom, teaching at an elementary school and being part of the leadership team. This experience in teaching and school community support laid the groundwork for his professional path, shaping him into a leader deeply versed in the complexities of educational systems and their stakeholders. His unique capability to balance the various interests in school development and operations while prioritizing students highlights his exceptional insight into the education sector.

His unwavering professionalism and work ethic rapidly advanced him to leadership positions in the charter school system. Over twenty-four years, he has held roles such as Assistant Principal, Director of Safety, Founding Principal of a K-12 school, Regional Director, Chief of Operations, and CEO of a non-profit Charter Support Organization. His trajectory to the role of Chief Operating Officer is a direct reflection of his professionalism and dedication, marked by significant achievements in Southeastern public schools.

His remarkable achievements have earned him widespread recognition, including the National Innovation Principal of the Year award 2010. The schools under his leadership have consistently won national awards in academics, parent choice, school culture, and operations, bolstering his credibility in the field.

Justin Matthews



Justin Matthews

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